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Finding a Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Eliquids is one of the fastest growing industries and in a few short years the use of e-cigarettes has exceeded expectations and is worth around £90million in the UK and £1.8billion worldwide.

With an animosity circulating whether eliquids are inherently good or bad for your health, it cannot be overlooked that according to the monthly Smoking in England Survey, 20% of smokers and 30% of recent quitters have used some form of e liquid in the UK. Whilst health charity Ash has ascertained that around 2.1million people in Britain use eliquids and e-cigarettes.

The term E liquid is the flavoured nicotine liquid that an e-cigarette uses to vapourise and does not contain tobacco, one of the lethal toxins in cigarettes. Vaping has become a ‘healthier’ option for smokers who enjoy the psychology of smoking but do not wish to ingest toxic chemicals and more than 40 carcinogens. By using an e-cigarette, a user will experience the same enjoyment they would by holding a cigarette.

What is more, the use of eliquids has no ash and smoke smell and can therefore be enjoyed with an eclectic mix of aromas available such as watermelon, berries and even coffee flavoured vapours. Those who consider to quit smoking will often use eliquids as a way of controlling their nicotine intake. Eliquids come in various strengths from zero to high and the level of nicotine ingested can be monitored and reduced as and when a user is ready.

After smoking was banned inside public places, the production of eliquids in the UK has paved the way for freedom to smoke or ‘vape’ almost anywhere, whilst being more environmentally friendly. There is now no need to leave the comfort of your home or office and stand outside for a smoking break – to the delight of many! Though initially expensive to purchase a starter kit, an electronic cigarette is by far a long term investment and all you need is the eliquid and atomizers to keep you going.

The use of eliquids has hugely expanded due to successful marketing. Independent manufacturers and those owned by tobacco companies have invested huge amounts of time and money to promote the benefits of eliquids through mediums such as print media, television, social media, celebrity endorsements and sports. Electronic cigarettes have become a fashionable accessory marketed as lifestyle products for the use of adults and children with a variety of enticing flavours.

The use of celebrities to promote eliquids and e-cigarettes was notably seen during the 2014 Golden Globes by Leonardo DiCaprio, whilst at the Brit Awards, Britney Spears, Lily Allen, Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson and Katy Perry were all seen ‘vaping’.

With so many advantages to eliquids, it is no surprise the industry is at a record high and continues to offer a healthier alternative for smoking.