Integrates biology and chemistry to fast-track target and lead selection

Chematica is a powerful proprietary informatics approach to drug discovery, which combines the chemical and biological information from Inpharmatica’s vast drug discovery-relevant databases. Access to Chematica provides your organisation with comprehensive data and knowledge, accessed using the best analysis tools, to enhance your R & D efficiencies.

Chematica’s prime function is to enable selection of the best biological targets based on intrinsic target druggability and identification of the most appropriate drug like chemistry starting points to address them.


Selecting only druggable targets to work with, at the onset of a discovery program, focuses resources on projects with the highest chance of success and saves considerable effort being wasted on projects with a high risk of failure.

The Chematica system combines the expertise and know-how of Inpharmatica’s staff with proprietary tools and knowledge bases to assist our clients to develop their target and lead selection projects in the most efficient way.


Chematica is robust and scalable, permitting analysis of one or many potential targets, with simultaneous exploration of compound potency and selectivity. The system can be used to find potential off-target compound effects both within and outside the selected target protein family.


Chematica has been commercially validated by successful collaborations with Pfizer, Novartis, P & G Pharmaceuticals, Daiichi Pharmaceuticals, Serono and others.

Easily accessible

Chematica can be accessed through tailored research collaborations, projects, services or via licensing components of the technology, including: