A unique combination of ADME optimisation expertise, in silico tools and laboratory services

Flexibility to meet your needs

Inpharmatica provides unique, flexible cost effective solutions for your ADME and DMPK requirements through our broad spectrum of proprietary in silico and in vitro ADME technologies, together with our pharma- industry experienced ADME Consultants. Consequently, Inpharmatica is able to offer clients a versatile service dedicated to helping discovery teams deliver balanced quality leads and pre-clinical candidates.

At Inpharmatica we know that the quality of our work is of utmost importance to our customers. Our Admensa service has gained accreditation to the internationally recognised quality management standard, BS EN ISO9001:2000. This means that our customers know Inpharmatica will deliver an exceptional ADME service.

Our service offers the following cost-effective advantages to clients:

Accessing Admensa Laboratory

We work with all clients to ensure that a quality service is delivered according to your specific needs. This can range from long term support over project life cycles, to occasional compound submissions. In addition, our ADME specialists can work with your in-house scientists to extend screening capabilities within your company. Competitive rates are available to all clients, whether occasionally submitting small numbers of compounds or large batches of compounds on a frequent basis.