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14 March 2006


Successful platform now offers even more comprehensive ADME Optimisation

Inpharmatica Ltd., the selective drug discovery company, today releases new editions of Admensa Interactive™, its compound optimisation platform, including unique compound prioritisation tools and an in silico suite of predictive drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) models.

The new editions respond to market demands for tools that group together even more effectively key elements of compound optimisation. Since its launch in 2005, Admensa Interactive has attracted a strong global customer base, with installations at five of the top 20 pharma companies.

The new versions of Admensa Interactive now available for on-site installation are;

The intuitive Admensa Interactive interface can objectively evaluate extensive libraries of structures and compare individual compounds, based on a wide range of compound properties, either virtual or synthesised, to aid effective decision making. Data from experiments or users’ own in-house models can be incorporated in this environment. Users can manipulate individual compound structures in real-time to explore individual ADME properties or overall compound quality.

Admensa Interactive is an integral component of Inpharmatica’s gene-to-candidate technology platform which integrates biology- and chemistry-based drug discovery activities. This platform optimises target selection based on druggability, and enables rapid identification of hits and selection of high quality leads and pre-clinical candidates, which are prioritised on the basis of good drug-like characteristics and clinical indication.

Commenting on the release, John Lisle, CEO of Inpharmatica, said:

“These new editions of Admensa Interactive are a direct response to user feedback on one of our most successful offerings. We expect these enhancements both to provide even better solutions for our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers’ discovery needs, and to reinforce Inpharmatica’s leading position in the marketplace.”

For more information on gaining access to Admensa Interactive and its capabilities, please visit click here

About Inpharmatica

Founded in 1998, Inpharmatica uses predictive informatics in genomics, medicinal chemistry and ADME to improve the speed and productivity of drug discovery. The company employs around 90 professionals at its UK locations in London and Cambridge, with business development in North America and Japan. Inpharmatica’s unique proprietary technologies and skills are utilised in major discovery laboratories worldwide including Serono, Pfizer, GSK, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, P&G Pharmaceuticals, and Daiichi.

Inpharmatica is unique in offering discovery technologies and services which span the full breadth of research from gene through to candidate selection: the core elements are fully integrated, enabling customers to access the full end-to-end technologies, or individual components and services as required.